Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a disease that mainly affects middle-aged to older dogs of terrier breeds, and most commonly the West Highland White Terrier (WHWT). To date, the causes of this pathology remain unknown and no effective curative treatment exists. With the goal to better understand this fatal disease, a research project was jointly initiated a few years ago by Professor Clercx from the University of Liege and Professor Rajamäki from the University of Helsinki. This website aims to share objectives, progress and information relating to this research project and to improve communications between veterinarians, dog’s owners and breeders around the canine pulmonary fibrosis. We wish you a pleasant visit.

In the framework of a survey on pulmonary fibrosis in westies, we wish to ask your help to distribute our survey as broadly as possible. The survey is to be filled by owners of westies of any age, either healthy or affected with pulmonary fibrosis or previously deceased with fibrosis.
The survey should be completed on line, before March 12, 2018, using the link: https://goo.gl/forms/Z8DvFoAedKDVotp22

Thank you so much in advance for your collaboration
… and best wishes for the Newyear!